Advanced Log Interpretation & Computation Environment

ALICE is the computation core of ISP’s software suite. Within ALICE, all domain specific equation are applied and the results are optimized.


ALICE is an integrated platform for all log analysis applications, providing advanced and accurate statistical modeling based on an external model: set of equations and parameters (input variables and unknowns).


Global Optimization

The Global Optimization, which is the true power of ISP software suite, resides in ALICE.

ALICE can solve complex non-linear problems with a large number of variables in a very short time with the Global Optimization mode. The statistical deviates generated from all the relevant equations of the model are accumulated over all the depth samples. Other data, physical constraints and analyst specifications are also added to the total deviate. The variables to be optimized are modified by small increment until the total deviate of the whole model is satisfactory.


Multiple applications

ALICE holds the optimization engine of the PLATO suite and RESOLVER. The same program is capable of both advanced advanced production logging and complex multi-mineral open-hole modeling. PLATO or RESOLVER provide ALICE with an appropriate model: a set of equations and variables. ALICE optimizes the variables depending on what is required in the model.


Easy extension

With ALICE, it is simple and quick to add an equation to any ISP software or to even develop your own application. No knowledge of optimization nor statistical techniques is required. The developer can concentrate on his model and sends it through ALICE’s optimization engine. ALICE takes care of the computation as well as the visualization and handles all management of computation and data access.