Formation Evaluation

Identify hydrocarbons in the most complex formations

Formation evaluation is one of the core disciplines of Oil&Gas Exploration. Many solutions currently exist to load, visualize and analyze formation evaluation data from a simple mud log to to NMR, from Gamma Ray to elemental core data. However there is only one program which can gather all the measurements in one analysis, using them simultaneously to compute the best lithology.


RESOLVER determines the most complex combinations of bulk rocks and specific minerals with accurate volumes and automatic highlighting of payzones.


Any log, any data

Whether the data has been recorded decades or days ago, RESOLVER can import and analyze it. A wide range of formats is built-in in the system including LAS and WITSML. Even elemental or mineral core data can be imported and analyzed with RESOLVER, together with the other logs. NMR datasets can also be integrated in an analysis for the most complete results.


Any formation, no matter how complex

RESOLVER allows the composition and optimization of any formation. If the dataset contains a simple shaly sand formation, the parameters of the bulk sand and clay can be optimized by the system automatically. If a complex multi-mineral layer is present, an expansive mineral database is available for the composition of the finest lithology. The TOC and kerogen are automatically extracted.


Correlations and models

As a geologist, who knows better that you where the data comes from and which correlation must be applied to obtain the correct porosity? Most well-known correlations and models are included in RESOLVER making choices and comparisons fast and easy. One is missing? RESOLVER is easy to extend with any equation necessary.


Extended results

In addition to rock volumes, RESOLVER automatically computes and highlights payzones. Many mechanical properties of the rock are calculated as well, based on the lithology, such as the Poison ratio or the UCS.