Process DAS data in real-time

ISP’s unique Streaming Pre-processing System (SP2S) allows real-time Distributed Acoustic Sensor (DAS) data processing.


SP2S extracts the relevant information needed for well monitoring from DAS on-site and integrates DAS with other real-time data such as DTS, DPS or surface data. SP2S is directly connected with the DFO acquisition systems. It receives the data first-hand, processes it with unrivaled speed and distributes it over the network. True DAS monitoring is now possible.


Impressive data reduction

Without losing any relevant information, SP2S reduces the size of stored DAS data by 8,000 fold. Using HDF5 as an output format, a 46,000 fold data reduction can be achieved. SP2S is running on a powerful PC, the processing speed can reach 1,280 MB/s.



SP2S allows processing of any third party DFO data. SP2S handles real-time streaming & processing for several industry leading acquisition systems. It can also process data stored on hard-drives, managing over 8 different file formats. SP2S is 100% compatible with HDF5.

The results of the processing are exported in time-indexed LAS files (one file per trace) making it compatible with any in-house software.


Multi-Stream – Multi-NIC – Multi-Well

SP2S allows up to 8 multiple streams of DFO data to be processed at the same time. In a one-well setup, SP2S handles and merges DAS and DTS without a hitch. In a multiple-wells setup, up to 8 wells can be simultaneously monitored with only 1 program installed on 1 PC.



In real-time processing, the DAS acquisition boxes are connected to SP2S on-site over the network or via a direct connection. The pre-processed data is distributed from SP2S to ARIANE over the network. The DAS data is recorded, processed and viewed in a couple of seconds. The ARIANE viewers can be located anywhere in the world. True monitoring enables fast decisions on time-dependent situations.