Accurate layered multi-phase profiling

With increasing numbers of high-value, horizontal and highly deviated wells, the importance of deriving production profile using Array Production Logging Tools has never been greater. In order to build a comprehensive understanding of complex flow regimes, operators must ensure they have access to tools capable of solving the intricate series of data that Array PL Tools provide.


PLATO-AT calculates accurate layered multi-phase production profiles in horizontal and highly deviated wells with a complete integration of the BHGE Sondex MAPS™, Schlumberger FSI™, Baker Hughes AccuPhase™ PAI and Openfield Technology FAST™ tool suites. Combined with the capabilities of PLATO for centered tools, a complete diagnosis of horizontal wells is possible.

Tool suite geometry

The geometry of each one of the Array PL Tools including the position of each probe relatively to the well cross-section and relative to the tool itself is integrated into PLATO-AT. This ensures that each measurement is considered with all its information and limitations. The position of the tools themselves in the well is taken into account to compute more accurate results.


Rotation optimization

PLATO-AT can calibrate the Array PL Tools data whether the tools rotate or not. Going farther, the rotation angle is automatically analyzed for consistency and is optimized when it is not accurate.  As part of the latest version, dual-tool configurations are now handled with optimization of the angle offset between the tools.


Multiple spinner calibration

Any number of spinners on the Array-Tools can be calibrated by Global Optimization, even (and especially) if the tool rotates. In one click, full-bore and inline spinner can also be calibrated and integrated with the velocity profile from the array spinners.


Wide variety of fluid identification sensors

New technologies of sensors are being constantly developed. In addition to resistivity, capacitance and optical holdup probes, PLATO-AT handles 3-phasic optical holdup probes and Doppler flowmeters.