In-house, office based or online

To reach the maximum potential of a software, the quickest road is to take a training from the experts. That is why we offer training classes on all of our products. Each training is delivered by a fully qualified and experienced ISP analyst with extensive industry and product knowledge.


Public trainings are held annually at ISP offices in Houston, TX (provided enough students sign up). Private trainings are held year-round and delivered at ISP offices or onsite at client location depending on the client requirement. Trainings can also be provided via web-based delivery using GoToMeeting.


What do we learn?

We believe that training should be tailored to the customer’s need regarding the content and the time available. This is why we offer two different training formulas:

  • Software trainings: These trainings are designed to allow the student to reach an autonomous level with our in-house software at the end of the course. The student will be able to perform an analysis by himself once the course is completed.
    Tips and advice on data interpretation are part of the training as well as physics and mechanics concepts lessons.
    Temperature interpretation is thoroughly covered.
  • Hop On! Trainings: These short training sessions, from beginner to advanced, are designed to allow student to refresh or learn new skills in a short time. Each session focusses on one concept and is independent to the other ones.


Can I bring my own data?

Client datasets can be used in class if they are provided to the instructor 2 weeks before the training and if they present an educational content. For a training session, only one client dataset can be used.


What should I know before coming?

ISP’s software trainings purpose is to teach the students how to manipulate software and get the best out of an analysis. However this cannot be performed if the students do not have basic domain knowledge (eg: Production Logging when attending a PLATO course). In addition a good level in science is assumed.