Production Logging

Check what’s happening downhole

Anytime, on any well, a health check can power up your production. A good production logging job is one where you can know:

  • where the well is producing (from perforation clusters to openhole completions)
  • which phase is being produced
  • how much is produced

So once the tools went downhole and the measurements are done there is still the interpretation left. PLATO is the most powerful and most accurate quantitative production logging interpretation software on the market.


Any tool, any data

Managing a large number of file formats, PLATO can load any kind of measurement. All your datasets can be analyzed with high-quality quantitative results. The more data, the better the result. All the measurements can be satisfied simultaneously.

If your dataset contains Array Data (GE MAPS, SLB FSI), PLATO-AT will handle them.

If it is composed of thousands of traces of Distributed Temperature Sensor (DTS) data, PLATO-DTS can load more than 14,000 traces at once.


Any type of well

PLATO handles up to 4 phases and uses the surface rates as constraints on its model optimization. Whether it is production, injection (including stimulation and storage) or shut-in, PLATO will provide a global modeling of the well for each depth sample.


Extended results

With a PLATO analysis of your production logging data, go beyond quantitative rates and retrieve accurate PVT correlations at each depth sample. Get an automatic regime determination based on the Duckler-Taitel model as well as an estimation of the skin on production zones. Identifying thief zones with PLATO becomes a breeze.


Plan your job

PLATO comes with a full emulation package which predicts each tool measurement in a specific setting. Choose the more adapted tools and get the best of your production logging job by running a few simulations beforehand.