Knowledge in advance

Planning production logging jobs or obtaining approval for investment in DTS can be a difficult exercise. Will you get the quality of data needed to enable decision-making that can offset the disruption to producing wells?


ISP offers simulation services to help reduce the uncertainty involved in deciding how to approach production logging jobs, or to confirm whether DTS is going to be of value.


Production logging tools selection

ISP’s analysts are very proficient in using the powerful emulation capabilities of PLATO. During the simulation of different production scenarios for a specific well, the possible measurements from the various tools selected are calculated using the Monte-Carlo method. After a simulation study, ISP’s analyst will produce a complete report including observations and recommendations to allow for more effective planning of logging jobs, removing the uncertainty involved in selecting the most appropriate set of tools for the well in question.


Permanent fiber installation

DTS is often identified as a potential technology to help overcome the challenges with field surveillance.

PLATO-DTS’s simulation service delivers a feasibility study to assess the potential application of DTS. The objective of such a study is to confirm if the investment will derive any value. Indeed it is possible to ascertain whether the DTS fiber will be able to measure the temperature with enough precision to differentiate between several production / injection scenarios.


During a DTS feasibility study, various scenarios are modeled based on known reservoir and well behaviors within a given field. PLATO will compute resulting flowing temperatures for each one of the scenarios. A comparison study will follow to identify whether DTS alone is sufficient for surveillance, or if additional measurements need to be considered.