Horizontal Well

Layered cross-sectional architecture for full well modeling

If regular production logging tools prove efficient even for deviated wells, they tend to reach their limit in highly deviated to horizontal wells. The flow regime is different in horizontal sections and difficult to predict. Therefore some specific Array Tools (GE MAPS, SLB FSI) have been developed to address those wells. They provide arrays of the same measurement on each cross-section of the well thanks to several probes.


All the Array Tools data at once

Those Array Tools generate more data than regular production logging tools. PLATO-AT handles their visualization as well as their analysis. To analyze Array Tool data, a horizontal stratified model is necessary. The regular model of PLATO was enhanced to allow stratification of the phases into a multi-layered high-definition cross-section.

In addition to visualizing all the probes at the same time to allow a complete overview of the job, PLATO-AT handles the extraction of velocities and holdups from the measurements. All the similar probes are processed together with the possibility to use automatic calibration on each dataset.


Full advantage of the rotation

When the Array Tools rotate in the well, each probe will periodically measure in different phases. PLATO-AT handles all the rotation optimization at once, finding the position of each probe at each time with extreme precision.