Trust our expertise

ISP has provided expert production log and fiber optic analysis services to the world’s largest operators and service companies for over twenty years. Our team of analysts located in the US and Europe are regularly trusted by the biggest names in the industry to process and interpret their production logging and DTS data with the PLATO suite, a standard in the industry.


ISP follows a standard process for its analysis, ensuring complete transparency at all stages. We will always make clear what can and cannot be achieved within the existing constraints.



Data preparation

Before any analysis the data provided to ISP is carefully reviewed for format and content. The analyst will make sure that every mandatory information has been provided before proceeding with the analysis. Our software products handle most of the widely used formats in the different domains of well logging. However if the data is provided in usual formats, the analyst will most of the time have to perform the necessary conversion operations before starting the analysis.


Qualitative review and objective feasibility

Once the analyst has setup the project, the dataset will be qualitatively audited. At that point, the objectives of the analysis will be reviewed and validated.

In the case of DAS data, the analysis currently provided by ISP are qualitative. The qualitative review will be extended into a qualitative analysis of the dataset.


Processing and quantitative analysis

Data is processed in the ISP product suite according to the pre-agreed requirements. Upon necessity, the data will be corrected, filtered and calibrated. The analyst will then work on fine tuning the well model through Global Optimization until the best model is reached. As a final result, quantitative results will be computed.



Once the analysis is complete and the results are obtained, ISP will prepare a detailed PDF report that will describe all the steps that have been followed, together with the results and conclusions / recommendations. Upon request, the results will be presented either face to face or via online meeting and the project will be provided.



Interpretation services