ISP presenting at the SPE Fiber-Optic Sensing Workshop

New features in PLATO-DTS empower hydraulic fracturing diagnostic and flowback profiling

Come and visit us at the SPE Workshop: Fiber-Optic Sensing Applications for Well, Reservoir, and Asset Management on 9–10 August 2022 in San Antonio, USA. We will present new features in PLATO-DTS empowering hydraulic fracturing diagnostic and flowback profiling.

In session 8 of the workshop, we will present the summary of the field applications of flowback profiling using distributed temperature data. In this work, a model to analyze the temperature signal associated with the flow-back period after hydraulic fracturing is presented, along with the pilot testing of 15 datasets. The model extends the scope of PLATO-DTS with fracture diagnostic functions. A method to reconstruct the geotherm is developed, followed by its automation and implementation in the software package. Consistent behaviors, efficiency, and performance at the stage and the cluster levels show that the quantitative flow profiling on flowback and post-stimulation production DTS data is reliable using PLATO-DTS.

Another topic we will present as a poster is the quantitative fracture diagnostic from distributed temperature warmback analysis. Since the stimulation fluid is injected at a different temperature compared to the original geothermal, the significantly modified and highly heterogeneous thermal profile after stimulation presents significant potential to serve for fracture diagnostic purposes. During the development process, we incorporate the existing warmback model of conventional wells in analyzing shut-in temperature data with a newly developed stimulated region thermal model. Quantitative injection profiling and fracture propagation extent estimations of an individual cluster using warmback analysis have been proven viable and reliable in this field study.