Release of PLATO V7.1

PLATO update – New version 7.1 is out!

PLATO V7.1, the latest major release of PLATO, is now available for download!

PLATO now features cloud licensing system. This new licensing system makes the license key request much easier as the request is handled from the license dashboard. Extensions, transfers, suspensions can now all be done remotely without the need for a new license key. No need to exchange Sites Codes and Sites Keys anymore!

You can choose from 3 license types: Essential, Premium and Enterprise.

  • Essential: One PLATO instance attached to a given computer.
  • Premium: Get simultaneous instances of PLATO as long as the licenses are available.
  • Enterprise: Get multiple instances of PLATO running at the same time on different computers.

*For a limited time only, you can upgrade your actual Standalone license to a Premium license for free! For more information contact



*Offer valid until December 31st 2023, 23:59 CET