Release of PLATO Version 6.2.12

PLATO update – New Version 6.2.12

PLATO latest update is now available for download.


Benefit from our ongoing research and constant improvements in PLATO, PLATO DTS and PLATO AT.


For more information about how to download PLATO V6.2.12, please contact:


Release Notes:

V6.2.12 includes the following updates:

  • Array Tool module
    • Calibration model
      • Better constraints defaults
      • Adjusted ranges for holdup maps computation
    • Display
      • Updated color gradients for holdup maps
    • Documentation
      • New FAST analysis step-by-step tutorial
  • Import
    • Unit systems compatibility
      • Fixed importing issue when loading datafiles in feet into a metric project
    • Data exclusion
      • Fixed importing issue when excluding curves in the View/Edit curve attributes dialog
  • Utilities
    • DTS data
      • Improved DTS data conversion macro
    • Rates caps
      • New macro to set mass caps for production rates
    • Perforations
      • Updated perforation resource file generation macro