Release of PLATO Version 7.0

PLATO update – New Version 7.0.0

PLATO latest update is now available for download.


General Improvements

  • Graphical user interface: Major ALICE interface upgrade includes project creator, tree browser, ribbon, dialogs, buttons, and EqNbs.
  • Installation: Installation steps have been revised to simplify the process and fast installation is enabled.
  • Editors: Two main overhauls are implemented: 1. display editor moved into tree browser, 2. group and track editors are merged.
  • Authorize: Authorize is completely incorporated inside PLATO as license dialog in Help tab.
  • Documentation: All tutorials are updated with latest dialog style and new graphical user interface, while several new tutorials are included to cover novel EqNb features, fractured well production and warmback analysis, and Joule-Thomson effect from a horizontal gas producer.


DTS module Improvements

  • General: Major DTS upgrade includes improvements on temperature corrections, geotherm selections, ribbon, dialogs, and services. In addition, DTS module is classified based on applications as production profiling and warmback analysis services.
  • Fractured well production profiling: This new application implemented in PLATO-DTS features geotherm automation function.
  • Fractured well warmback analysis: Advancements empower fractured well warmback analysis to estimate injection profiling and fracture growth extent (FracReach)