Releases of SP²S V2.4 and ARIANE V2.2

Faster, better and more user-friendly DFO solutions

SP²S and ARIANE latest versions are now available for download.


Benefit from our ongoing research and constant improvements in our Distributed Fiber Optics solutions.


For more information about how to download SP²S and ARIANE, please contact:


Release Notes:

V2.2 of ARIANE includes the following updates:


  • New project creator
    • Database
      • More database type options have been added including DB, XTF and JHF
    • Module
      • Hikari module has been added
    • Analysis type
      • Various analysis types have been added including Well integrity, Production, Fracking and Monitoring
  • Importing
    • Automatic importing
      • The caption bar shows invalid import folder hint if DasOutputFolder is not updated by the user during automatic importing
    • Spectrum files
      • More than one spectrum files can be imported at one time. Control parameters DasSpectrumCount and DasSpectrumStep have been added to control multiple spectrum files importing
  • Display
    • DAS Energy track headers
      • In Data QC click Update button to automatically update the headers of DAS Energy tracks
    • DAS Spectrum track headers
      • Timestamp information has been added to the headers of DAS Spectrum tracks and cross-plots
  • Control SP²S
    • Energy-Grp
      • Sp2sControl-Grp has been moved under Energy-Grp. Energy-Grp contains the settings in param and config files which will be saved in the path specified in DasOutputFolder
    • Update param and config files
      • In Energy subtask click Update will update the settings in param and config files. SP²S will take the updated settings during real-time processing and monitoring
  • Microphones
    • Functionality
      • Microphones subtask has been implemented including importing, display, analysis and histogram calculation of microphone data
    • Documentation
      • Microphones tutorial has been added. Please refer to the tutorial for detailed functionalities


V2.4 of SP²S includes the following updates:

  • Data formats
    • Compatibility with .bin customer proprietary files
    • Compatibility with .dat customer proprietary files
    • Compatibility with .tdms customer proprietary files
    • Compatibility with HDF5 customer specific files
    • Conversion utility for compatibility with SEG-Y files
  • Speed
    • Bridge
      • Increased transfer speed to up to 1.6 GB/s
    • Socket
      • Increased transfer speed to up to 10 GB/s
    • RAID
      • Increased reading speed to up to 1 GB/s for a system of 8 drives