Well Planning

Simulate data before you acquire them

ISP’s experts in well data analysis can help you at any step of the life of a well, from planning to production logging data analysis.


Plan your drilling

Use RESOLVER on one of your offset wells to compute the rock mechanical properties, including the UCS.


Plan your completion

PLATO offers a simulation module which allows you to test several completions and compare them relatively to the prospected production. DTS feasability studies can be performed prior to the deployment of permanent fiber behind casing.

Depending on priorities, several setups can be established and then examined. Using the emulation capabilities of PLATO, a thorough simulation study can be performed.


Plan your logging job

We can advise on the most appropriate type of measurement to be used based on existing field information. Many clients benefit from this service, saving costly rework at a later stage post-acquisition. We will also provide guidelines on data formatting to simplify the process of importing to the ISP product suite.